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EAS Electric 90 ducted air conditioner

Ref.:conductos EAS 90

Air conditioning with ducts, model EDM90VK of 7.559 frigories.

  • 1715 €

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  • Models available from 3.000 to 13.100 Frigorías
  • Constant control of airflow volume
  • High static pressure up to 160 Pa
  • Eccentric fan design for improved flow output and higher performance
  • Reduced height from 210 mm
  • Rear and bottom air return
  • Built-in drain pump that lifts condensate water up to 750 mm
  • Cables without polarity connection to avoid installation errors
  • Motor access from the bottom
  • Large maintenance space at the side
  • Filter removal to the right, left or bottom
  • Larger window design
  • Twin system with synchronised control connecting two indoor units of the same type and capacity to a single outdoor unit
  • Outdoor unit heat exchangers coated with corrosion-resistant material to withstand salt air or rain
  • Optional Wi-Fi accessory
  • ECRL120P wired control with weekly scheduling included as standard
  • Single-phase units from 3,000 to 10,600 Frigories
  • Three-phase units from 12,100 to 13,100 Frigories